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ULP - Post-Implementation Notice of Agency's Workplace Safety Plan and Pandemic Response
Mar 18, 2021

From: Price, Bill 
Sent: Thursday, March 18, 2021 8:58 AM
To: Sullivan IV, Joseph 
Cc: …
Subject: ULP - Post-Implementation Notice of Agency's Workplace Safety Plan and Pandemic Response

Mr. Sullivan

Attached, you will find an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charge, along with supporting documentation, filed against the Agency by AFGE.  A signed hardcopy of the charge will be placed in the mail to you.

The Agency pays lip service to abiding by Executive Order 14003, while pretending to want an improved Labor/Management relationship, but the Agency’s actions continue to show a reality that’s much different than the Agency’s statements.  If the Agency doesn’t understand what the Union would like to see in order for us to consider the Labor/Management relationship to be improved, then maybe we need to begin the healing process by working towards improving our ability to communicate with each other.  The Union is willing to work on listening to what the Agency says, and hearing what the Agency means, if the Agency is willing to reciprocate.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the charge.  And if you would be interested in working on our communication skills.

Thank you

Bill Price

GC Litigation Committee Chair

FLRA Form 22 Workplace Safety Plan and Pandemic Response.pdf
FLRA Form 22 Section 3 Workplace Safety Plan and Pandemic Response.docx
Attachment 1 SSA-COVID-19-Workplace-Safety-Plan (03042021 ) (1).pdf
Attachment 2 COVID Employee FAQs 03-12-21 (1).pdf
Attachment 3 Updated Cleaning Guidance for Reopening Facilities 03112021 (1).pdf
Attachment 4 Ventilation Guidance (1).pdf
Attachment 5 AIMS - Attachment D (1).pdf
Attachment 6 - AFGE Notice - Workplace Safety Plan (03.15.2021).pdf
Attachment 7 - Agency Email with Union Notification - Workplace Safety Plan - 03-15-21.docx
Attachment 8 - Commissioner Broadcast Email to all Employees - COVID-19 Workplace Safety Plan - 03-15-21.docx
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