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Wednesday Adjudication Time Settlement Offer
Updated On: Mar 22, 2021

From: Price, Bill
Sent: Friday, March 19, 2021 2:00 PM
To: Crowder, Sharaye ; Patrick-Wright, Phyllis 
Subject: RE: ULPs WA-CA-0099 & WA-CA-0100 - Wednesday Adjudication Time

Good Afternoon Phyllis and Sharaye

I apologize for the delay in getting back to you, it’s been a busy couple of weeks.

The Agency’s unilateral decision to take adjudication time away from the employees created a whole host of issues that were adverse to the employees, and the ongoing lack of adjudication time continues to harm the employees and their ability to provide quality service to the public.  And, while we can’t correct the past damage that the Agency’s decision caused to public service or the employee’s health and wellbeing, we can prevent the decision from continuing to cause harm to the employees and their ability to provide quality service to the public, and we can also correct some of the past disciplinary and performance based actions that harmed the employees as a result of the Agency’s decision  These are the goals the Union considered when creating our settlement offer.

Here is what the Union proposes as a settlement offer for the Wednesday Adjudication Time ULP.

  • Bargaining Unit employees who previously had Wednesday afternoon adjudication time, are to receive 5 hours of adjudication time during core hours (free from interviews, phones, walk-in’s, calling numbers, trainings, etc.), for each employee every week.  The 5 hours can be assigned as one block of time, or can be broken down into no more than two blocks of time with one block being no less than three hours.  Adjudication time should be scheduled at least one week in advance so that employees can plan their time accordingly.

  • All current performance based actions are to be halted and the employee is to have 120 days after the return of adjudication time to have their performance re-evaluated.

  • All current disciplinary actions are to be reviewed for any offense or charge that could be related to or arising from the lack of adjudication time.  The identified offenses or charges are to be removed, and the disciplinary action is to be reconsidered based on what remains.

  • A reversal of all disciplinary and performance based actions issued since Wednesday adjudication time was removed, which were based (in whole or in part) on any aspect that could be related to or arising from the loss of adjudication time.

  • All employees who have had their PACS scores downgraded, since Wednesday adjudication time was removed, are to have their PACS scores restored and are to receive any benefit associated with the revised score.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like clarification on any aspect of the Union’s proposed settlement offer.


Bill Price

First Vice President, AFGE Council 220

National Council of Social Security Administration Field Operations
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