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AFGE Council 220 Suggestions for Improving Employee Morale, Recruitment, and Retention
Updated On: Mar 17, 2021

Local Officers

Council 220’s report on how to improve employee morale, recruitment, and retention, is attached to this email along with the supporting documents.  The compilation of survey responses that’s attached to the report only includes responses that I had received by around 4:00pm EST on 03/10/2021.  The reason that responses from Thursday and Friday were not included is because I hadn’t had time to sanitize those responses.  There might also be a few missing responses from ones that I received prior to 4:00pm EST on 03/10/2021.  If there was no way for me to sanitize the response so that it couldn’t be traced back to the employee – I did not include it.  There were a few really good responses that I would have liked to have included in the report but didn’t, because I did not want to risk placing the employee in danger of retaliation.

Please let me know if there is anything missing from my report, or if you disagree with any of the suggestions that were made.  Let me know what suggestions you would have made.  I can always provide the Agency with an update to the report.

In Solidarity,

Bill Price

First Vice President, AFGE Council 220

National Council of Social Security Administration Field Operations
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