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C220 Official Time Sidebar
Updated On: Feb 22, 2021

From: Dejuliis, Ralph
Sent: Sunday, February 21, 2021 5:21 PM
To: 'Sullivan IV, Joseph' 
Cc: 'Peter Harris' 'Dejuliis, Ralph' ; 'Bill Price' 
Subject: c220 official time sidebar FINAL

Good Afternoon, Joe!

Thank you for agreeing to negotiate a sidebar to Article 30!  We believe this is a major step in the right direction to restoring good labor and management relations at SSA.

Council 220 does not believe that one sidebar at the General Committee Level will not be workable because each component is so different. Therefore, we propose an appendix/sidebar for each component based on their specific needs.

For example, the OQA component only has a few hundred members, mostly in Regional Office, the six PSCs and HQ. The DOC has a few hundred members in two facilities. The PSCs are mostly concentrated in six large campuses (Jamaica, Philadelphia, Birmingham, Chicago, KC and Richmond); Local 1923 is concentrated at Woodlawn; OHO in one large facility in Falls Church, then a hundred or so OHO Field offices around the country. The PSCs, OHO and Local 1923 have less than 5,000 bargaining unit members each.

The Field, on the other hand, represents 60% of the SSA/AFGE bargaining unit. Council 220 represents almost 30,000 bargaining unit employees in mostly 1200+ field offices from St. Croix to Pago Pago, a few large TSCs, Card Centers and WSUs. MOST of the telephone and face-to-face public contact is done in the Council 220 bargaining unit.

As you can see from the types of work each does as well as the numbers, each AFGE Bargaining Council in the General Committee has vastly different needs! That vast difference is reflected in the fact that every AFGE/SSA National Agreement has had DIFFERENT appendices in Article 10, Hours of Work, for each component as well as in Article 9 in terms of health and safety committees. For that reason, one sidebar will NOT fit all.

Please see the attached  Union Proposal # 1 for the Council 220 Official Time Sidebar,

The Council 220 Bargaining Team will be myself, Executive Vice President, Peter J. Harris, Esq., and First Vice President, Bill Price. The Union reserves the right to bring on additional negotiators so that we have parity with SSA.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic and work-at-home-by-quarantine, the Union agrees to conduct bargaining electronically.

We look forward to fruitful negotiations! Thank you, again, for your proposal to bargain an official time sidebar!


Ralph de Juliis, President

AFGE Council 220




This Sidebar Agreement ONLY applies to representatives and facilities within the jurisdiction of AFGE Council 220.

  1. Article 30 section 3C is null and void.

  1. Article 30 section 4 E is null and void

  1. Article 30, Section 5.B and C.1 and 2, are null and void; and, replaced with the following:

  1. The following Council 220 Executive Board Members shall have blocks of 2040 hours of official time:
  2. President,
  3. Executive Vice President,
  4. First Vice President,
  5. Second Vice President,
  6. Third Vice President,
  7. TSC Vice President.

  1. The following Council 220 Executive Board Members shall have blocks of 1020 hours of official time:
  2. Treasurer
  3. Secretary

  1. The following Council 220 Executive Committee Members shall have blocks of 1530 hours of official time:

  • The Regional Vice President for the Boston Region
  • The Regional Vice President for the New York Region
  • The Regional Vice President for the Philadelphia Region
  • The Regional Vice President for the Atlanta Region
  • The Regional Vice President for the Chicago Region
  • The Regional Vice President for the Kansas City Region
  • The Regional Vice President for the Dallas Region
  • The Regional Vice President for the Denver Region
  • The Regional Vice President for the San Francisco Region
  • The Regional Vice President for the Seattle Region

  1. Council 220 Local President shall have blocks of 1020 Hours of Official Time.

  1. All other union representatives shall receive up to 25 percent of their regular working hours, which equals a maximum block of 520 hours per year.

  1. If any of the above exceeds their block of official time and a representational need arises, management and the union at the appropriate level will promptly discuss and agree upon a reasonable amount of time to provide the representative for the particular issue.

  1. Time spent in management-initiated activities (e.g., formal discussions; Weingarten meetings; midterm consultation and bargaining; briefings, consultations, discussions, and meetings; management-initiated grievances, etc.), as well as related travel time, shall not count against any blocks.  Time spent in discussions, consultations, bargaining permissive subjects of bargaining shall not count against any blocks. Time spent in FLRA and MSPB proceedings, as well as, related travel time, shall not count against any blocks.

  1. Article 30 section 5D & E are null & void.

  1. Article 30, Section 9, for the AFGE Council 220 sidebar is replaced with the following language:

  1. Allegations of abuses of official time shall be brought to the attention of the Council President or his/her designee on an appropriate management office on a timely basis. If management and the Union cannot agree to a solution of the alleged abuse. The parties agree to utilize mediation to resolve the dispute.

  1. Article 30 section 10, the last two sentences are null & void.

  1. Conflicts between this sidebar and the 2019 AFGE/SSA National Agreement shall be resolved by the language of this sidebar.

  1. The union will identify all official time and union leave without pay grievances. And will propose settlement in accordance with the above provisions. If the parties cannot reach an agreement on the denials, the parties will select a permanent arbitrator for all union official time and leave without pay grievances and the matters will be submitted to that arbitrator in expedited arbitrations. The agency will pay reasonable attorney fees.

The signatures below signify agreement with the above stated terms:

For the Union:

/s/ Ralph de Juliis   Date: 02/21/21

For Management:


National Council of Social Security Administration Field Operations
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