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SSA requesting for a 30 day extension to do PACS appraisals
Posted On: Oct 22, 2020

Good Evening Commissioner Saul!

Good Evening Deputy Commissioner Black!

Associate Commissioner James Julian contacted the AFGE General Committee requesting the GC give SSA a 30 day extension to complete SSA employees 2020 performance appraisals which are due October 30.

I am requesting that you immediately re-assign James Julian from OLMER to SSA’s Director for Recycling as Mr. Julian is in way over his head in OLMER! That date is NOT a surprise to SSA. October 30 has been the due date for performance appraisals for OVER A DECADE. There is no reason that SSA should not be prepared. Mr. Julian is clearly and completely ineffectual as the Associate Commissioner of OLMER.

I can NOT believe his nerve asking for an extension. He REFUSED the Union’s request to declare the pandemic as an incident that allows an extension on the sunset date on arbitrations.

As you are aware, in February of this year, the Union requested an mere two1week extension on an arbitration that had already been pending over a year because our rep, Pete Harris had his 38th plastic surgery on his face. (He has a large facial deformity that covers the left side of his face). The surgery took a turn for the worst and his face did not heal as the doctors had told him it would. 

The Union asked SSA management if they would grant an extension—for two weeks, to complete an arbitration.  Both of his lips were totally stitched up and he had numerous incisions on his face, eyelid, etc. 

SSA REFUSED to grant the Union’s a two-week extension?!

SSA Attorneys, Sundeep Patel and Henry Chi, would not agree to an extension because they believed he was “lying” about his disability and his surgery.  They even went so far as to claim it was “fake.”

Shocked and amazed by SSA’s refusal and outrageous behavior, the Union then asked Jim Julian to step in and grant the extension.  The Union explained to him that the Union had ALWAYS agreed to extensions when management asked for them. Still, he refused. 

The Union then asked the supervisor of the OGC to speak with their Attorneys and have them grant the request; they completely ignored the Union’s email. 

Therefore, the Union was forced to continue with the arbitration, and as a result ALL of the stitches came out of Mr. Harris’ mouth requiring corrective surgery on August 21 to repair the damage caused by SSA refusing to grant the extension.  To this day, he has no feeling whatsoever in his bottom lip.

After all the times Jim Julian has refused the Union’s requests for extensions, he is now asking us for an extension? Is he retarded or just stupid? The answer is NO!

Please get some good help.

Ralph de Juliis, President

AFGE Council 220

National Council of Social Security Administration Field Operations
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