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Email: Inappropriate behavior from Jim and Jack
Updated On: Jul 16, 2020

From: Ralph de Juliis []
Sent: Wednesday, July 15, 2020 2:52 PM
To: '' <>; '' <>
Cc: '' <>; '' <>; 'Saunders, Christie' <>; 'McIntosh, Melissa J.' <>; 'Couture, Richard' <>; 'Agatha Joseph' <>; 'Earl Tucker' <>; 'Anita Autrey' <>; 'Barri Sue Bryant' <>; 'Beverly Wilmer' <>; 'Pete Harris' <>; 'William Price' <>; 'April Lott' <>; 'Debbie Glenn' <>; 'Iris Rakowski' <>
Subject: Inappropriate behavior from Jim and Jack

Good afternoon, DCHR Frank!

Good afternoon, ADCHR Doyle!

Today, Associate Commissioner for OLMER James Julian and Senior Advisor Jack Leiby said they would NOT have further discussions with AFGE if the Union shared what they told us with our members or the press.

Do you condone that?  Is that what you told them say???

They seem to be operating under the misconception that the role of the Union is to tell the employees what management wants them (the employees) to know, when management wants the employees to know it and how management wants the employees to react to the information. THAT is the job of your first line supervisors and managers; that is not the job of the Union.

In previous conversations with them they said that their job is to be the Union’s mouthpiece and voice to the rest of the Agency. You know that the Union never asked them to speak for us, don’t you? If they were promoted into their jobs to represent AFGE to the rest of the Agency, AFGE would like them replaced because they are, for the record, doing a really lousy job. … lousy as in level 1 performance.

In previous conversations with them, they said that the Union would ALWAYS be the last to know, AFTER management had already made their decisions and right before local management had staff meetings with employees to tell them what had been decided. Why do you allow them to call such calls with the Union “discussions”? That is a bold faced lie; that is “heads-up”, not a discussion.

For instance, they set up today’s call when I was on scheduled sick leave for cardiac rehab (recovering from open heart surgery) and when my Vice President, Peter Harris, was not on official time.  They have set up a call for Mr. Harris and myself for tomorrow, Thursday. YET, my supervisor, Tulsa ADM Barbara Groberg, has denied my official time for tomorrow. Why do you allow them to pretend they want open lines of communication with the Union when you permit them to schedule calls when we are not available and when local management denies our official time?

Associate Commissioner for OLMER James Julian and Senior Advisor Jack Leiby are obstacles to effective labor relations. It would be more productive and result in better labor-management-employee relations if AFGE’s point of contact was with appropriate component heads who have line authority, instead of Jim and Jack, who are nothing more than highly paid, obstructionist staffers who are trying desperately to pretend that they are needed and relevant. They provide no added value to labor-management-employee relations in SSA.

Can you appoint someone else for us to talk with? Also, please understand, this is NOT just AFGE Council 220’s view, every Union and component that SSA deals with feels the same about Jim and Jack, I’m sure they will be sending you their own emails shortly.


Ralph de Juliis, President

AFGE Council 220

National Council of Social Security Administration Field Operations
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