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We Need You to Vote!
Dana Duggins, EVP of AFGE National Council of SSA Field Operations Locals, was joined by Congressman Steny Hoyer, MD, Congressman Keith Ellison, MN, AFGE National President J. David Cox and more than 300 AFGE activists in front of the Minnesota DT DO.   Hundreds of cars, buses, trucks showed their support to by honking as pedestrians and SSA customers showed their support.  What was the big deal?  Vision 2025.  This demonstration was a protest of SSA’s desire to close field offices across the country and limit direct services to the public

To All Bargaining Unit Employees:

AFGE continues to call for the rejection of recommendations set forth by the National Academy of Public Administrators (NAPA). NAPA was contracted by SSA for more than $2 million dollars to make recommendations and create a plan for SSA Vision for 2025.  This plan is NO LONGER a draft plan, but an official plan. It received approval by more than 80% of SSA executives in Headquarters and Regional Offices. This plan calls for the elimination of direct public service, the Field Office and TSC Structure, and promotes the contracting out of remaining jobs at SSA.
After the last Ideascale on Vision 2025, SSA’s strategic planning officer visited offices all over the country to talk to employees to "set them straight" about Vision 2025. Knowing that employees have not been given the duty time to read all 130 pages of the official plan, the presentation was focused on the aspects of the plan that employees would buy into without thinking of the consequences. Such as, more telework and more self-help features for the public so you have more time to do "important" work, etc..

Now that you have been asked to buy the sales pitch, read the plan yourself and remember these important facts:

  • Effects of the Vision 2025 plan will result in SSA forcing the public, with your help, to conduct their business on the internet. (EService Campaigns, MySSA week, etc...) Their SSA Executives approved plan allows for direct service (a live person) only in very limited situations.
  • SSA has developed IT plans to completely automate TSR tools, which means an automated 800 # service, instead of a live TSR answering calls.
  • SSA has already begun "Virtual" services, which involves the use of Video Monitors in place of offices and staff.
  • SSA has already closed more than 80 field offices since 2011 and 3 more TSCs in the last year!

In place of the Agency’s Vision 2025 plan, AFGE has updated its recommendations on SSA open survey of ideas for the future. Management Gave Our Recommendation as Idea Number #568! 
Please take a few minutes of your time to click on the link and vote YES for AFGE’s plan to restore public services and seek the resources necessary to serve the American public!


To preread our plan, click here!

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Breakroom Guide for Vision 2025

We have developed a guide for you to put in the breakroom to help educate the employees on what Vision 2025 is. Please get a 7 part medical folder (the yellow ones) Print the file below, and place the first page on the front, the rest in each part of the file! It is very detailed and nice! Thanks Patti Davis-Sato!

Breakroom Guide to Vision 2025

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