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To all bargaining unit employees,

Since the implementation of internet claims (iClaims), AFGE has periodically asked for your input and concerns regarding the program. Thanks to your ongoing input, AFGE leaders are able to better address the problems and concerns of our bargaining unit. Additionally, more than 150 AFGE/ SSA activists are able to communicate your findings and concerns to each and every Member of Congress at the AFGE Legislative Conference. AFGE will be speaking to leaders of Congress the week of February 9-13, 2015.

This survey is different than others as it has been expanded to include Self Help Computers and MySSA accounts. Congress has raised serious concerns about the security of SSA internet systems, as well as the cost effectiveness of the technology being used. AFGE will be informing Congress that the EService technology does not and cannot meet the public service needs. Employees do! We need more front line staff at SSA! 

AFGE will advocate for the resources (staff, overtime, etc..) to ensure hardworking Americans receive all the benefits to which they're entitled. 

AFGE has become aware of increases in fraud and other significant problems with iClaims and MySSA accounts. We need to hear that from you, the workers who actually review the cases and assist the public. 

Please take the time to answer the questions. You can add comments that will be shared with decision-makers inside and outside of Social Security. This survey does NOT require you to provide any personal information and we appreciate your candid and honest answers.  You can also forward to your personal address to complete at home.

PLEASE TAKE THIS SURVEY!!! Share with all!

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Breakroom Guide for Vision 2025

We have developed a guide for you to put in the breakroom to help educate the employees on what Vision 2025 is. Please get a 7 part medical folder (the yellow ones) Print the file below, and place the first page on the front, the rest in each part of the file! It is very detailed and nice! Thanks Patti Davis-Sato!

Breakroom Guide to Vision 2025

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